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How to Choose the Right Trainer for YOU

As the New Year approaches, a lot of you are probably thinking about getting in shape as a resolution, right? Well, before you start spending money on a gym membership or a personal trainer, I am breaking down a few key things you should seriously consider beforehand. Take these into account, and you are guaranteed to have the best experience for YOU, as well as see the results you desire.


Tip #1: Figure out what you want to change about yourself.

How will you know what you need if you have no idea what you want to really change? Before you go into any gym, or talk to any trainer, know what you want! Make a simple list of the main things you really want to change about your health or fitness so you can discuss them with trainers prior to committing to one.

Tip #2: Ask where they earned their education or credentials.

Never ever assume that a trainer is properly certified just because they work in a facility. There are people who will call themselves a "certified trainer" to sound legit, yet they do not hold proper certifications or have the education they claim to. Anyone who has completed nationally accredited certifications can tell you about the organization which they earned their credentials, and what main areas of study they focused on. I ALWAYS tell a potential client where I earned my bachelors degree (Texas A&M University, of course! WHOOP!), what professional organizations I have earned my certifications through over the years, and how my past professional experiences have allowed me to integrate into my training methods.

Tip #3: Ask about their methods.

Every single trainer has a different way of training. No two trainers are alike, unless they are stealing one another's material! You should ask a trainer what a session would look like, what they would have you focus on specifically, and how they intend to progress you in the long run. For example, if a trainer focuses on powerlifting moves, they probably wouldn't be the best fit for someone who has previously had surgeries or injuries and hasn't worked out in years.

Tip #4: Ask them to take you through a short workout.

In addition to talking about what they would do, have them show you! Any professional should be happy to take you out on the gym floor and put you through a short version of what a session would look like for YOU. This will allow you to see if the workouts are a good fit, if they will challenge you enough, and if your personalities will mesh well.

Tip #5: Ask the trainer how long they've been training clients professionally.

If they don't mention their experience, make sure to ask. A seasoned professional can be better fit for most people who have never stepped foot in a gym. A trainer who is newer to the industry can be a good fit for someone who might just need some new ideas, but knows their general way around a gym. Also keep in mind that someone (like me!) who has been in the industry in multiple roles has a broader education and level of experience, so if you have very specific needs, that is probably who you should be working with to avoid complications.

Tip #6: Make certain you like the trainer's personality.

Speaking of personalities, we all have different types of people we flock toward and feel more comfortable around. You want to look forward to seeing your trainer a few times per week, so don't settle for someone you don't enjoy talking to or trust to be honest with.

Tip #7: Ask how long a client typically trains with them on average.

If the turn-around time with a client for a trainer is only a month or two, ask why. Most good trainers will work with a client for a year or longer (depending on goals, obviously). A trainer who has clients only train a couple of months usually isn't getting their clients results, or has no clue what they are doing.

Tip #8: Ask if the trainer stays on top of the latest research.

This is probably one of the most important factors in choosing a trainer of high quality. Good, educated trainers will automatically stay on top of new training methods, different exercise variations, and other fitness-related research that will benefit you. If they don't, or look at you funny when asking this, RUN--don't walk--away from this person! You want someone who understands the latest solid research and is willing to implement it into your personalized program.

Tip #9: Never, ever, EVER choose a trainer based on what their body looks like.

And above all, don't choose a trainer based on their physique alone. Genetics can make someone look like they are in phenomenal shape without much effort or knowledge. A person's physique should NEVER be a deciding point when choosing a trainer. I'm not saying it is okay for a trainer to be out of shape, by ANY means, but picking someone based on the fact that they flaunt a 6-pack is the most ridiculous thing you'll ever do.

(This guy has no clue what he is doing. At all.)


The fitness industry is currently super-saturated with personal trainers, so be picky about who you select to help you get into better shape. Not only will you avoid injury or wasting your money, but you ensure that you are investing in yourself and see the best results possible!

If you would be interested in working with an online trainer or want to get on track with your nutrition, I am currently accepting new clients, and would love to help you! Please contact me via the contact page for a client application!

In good health,



Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Hit me up via the 'CONTACT' tab up at the top of this page!

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