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Working with so many different people over the years, I have developed an 'agreement' I ask every single client follow. 

Once you become a client, I ask that you agree to stop making excuses, and instead, focus on your efforts as much as possible.

You can be committed to yourself and your efforts, and see results, or you can make excuses, and never achieve your greatest potential. 

I refuse to believe that excuses deliver anything good in life, no matter what you are working on.


I am not asking for perfection; I am asking for honest commitment to ensure a positive change.


I am tough with each client when necessary, but always fair and honest. Part of why my training and nutrition is so effective for people, no matter their goals, age, or capabilities, is the fact that I am extremely direct and open. I simply ask for the exact same in return.


I want to be your 'go-to' source for encouragement, information, motivation, and positivity. I also maintain very strict confidentiality standards, as I would want myself from any professional I would hire.

I want to help you see the potential I see in you. I want to teach you how to cultivate your confidence and strength. I want you to know all you are truly capable of achieving. 

- Bonnie -

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