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Client Transformations
Client Testimonials

"Bonnie's expertise and support not only refreshes my workout and nutrition regiment, but gave me tools to face fitness and nutrition struggles in my everyday life. She will drive up to be your best and nothing less in a supportive and caring. She will help you face the facts about your health by looking them straight in the face, acknowledging their existence, and creating a logical and reasonable plan to create a health life style. Training and receiving nutritional instruction from Bonnie is the best decision I've made for myself. You will not find someone like her anywhere else." - Coty

"Bonnie dedicates herself to the most well-rounded workout series you can get. She customizes workouts for you, steadily increasing your strength, just at your limits. Beyond fitness, she's helped me with my mindset which has spilled over into my everyday life. Now when I encounter a problem at work, I hit it head on, steel myself before I launch into the in-depth focus it requires, just like I have come to do in my workouts with her.

So many different parts of my quality of life have improved because of her efforts in these past 5 months. I can't wait to see how far I get in another year because the progress I've already been able to make with her help is astounding." - Kristin

"I've been working with Bonnie for a few months.  I was looking for a trainer to assist in preparing for a big hike!  Bonnie quickly developed a training program for me that focused on key areas of strengthening while mixing up the workouts to keep me interested.  Great experience with a great trainer!"

- Madeline

"I highly recommend training with Bonnie!  I started with her in December 2016, and have seen great results.  She is knowledgeable with what she does when it comes to both fitness and nutrition, which was huge to me. She surely is challenging, but never overwhelming. Definitely give her a call!!!" - Stefanie

"Being a competitive athlete, I have always taken my nutrition and fitness serious, yet I just was not seeing the results I wanted from a physical aspect, so I decided to take a step back and let another athlete look at my nutrition and help out. Within the first week I was down 5 lbs which is a big's funny how I just needed another approach at my nutrition.  Bonnie is very fast and professional at answering emails and whatever questions I may have.  Whether you're an athlete or an at-home mom or somebody who's just definitely needing a little push to get back on track I highly recommend Bonnie for your nutritional help." - Patricia

"I worked with Bonnie as a distance client. She is very personable and knowledgeable. She reviewed my diet and helped me adjust it so that I was losing weight while not feeling deprived. She also reviewed my exercise routine so that I would continue to get stronger. I highly recommend Bonnie Lynn as a trainer. She will become personally invested in your overall success and will make you feel great, physically and mentally. She knows her stuff!" - Martha

"Bonnie Lynn is a passionate, compassionate, results-oriented health coach who takes the individual into consideration every step of the way. You absolutely cannot go wrong choosing Bonnie to help you along your fitness journey!" - Bruce

"Bonnie is such a passionate and knowledgeable trainer. She truly cares for her clients and you can immediately tell she loves what she does. I cannot be happier to have found her!" - Alejandra

"Bonnie is a very knowledgeable trainer and invested in her clients' success. I am a long distance nutrition client and feel like I am have great information and reachable goals. Most important, I feel supported and motivated to work hard." - Mayra

"Bonnie is an amazing personal trainer. The workouts she creates are fun and effective. She is a trainer that truly cares about her clients and takes the time to understand their goals and needs. I would recommend her to everyone."- Kimberly

"Bonnie has made a major impact my life and my husband's after we retired. After retiring from 30+ year desk job, we said we needed to improve our physical condition. We joined Anytime Fitness and there we found Bonnie. She has worked with us for over 2 years and helped us improve our ability to participate in life and enjoy our retirement. We have been able to ride bikes over 100 miles in three days, climb 224 stairs at Seven Falls, walk all around the geyser basins at Yellowstone and keep up with our grandkids. We could not have done this without her. She is the best!!!!" - Vicky

"Bonnie is one of the hardest workers I know! She truly cares for her clients and goes above and beyond for them. The progress people have made while working with her is unbelievable! She gives her clients confidence and it's so awesome to watch that happen. If you are looking to get in shape or live a healthier lifestyle, Bonnie is your girl!!! She doesn't hold back, she doesn't lie about what you need to do, she won't make it easy, but she will make it worth it." - Payton

"Knowledgeable, highly skilled, passionate, dedicated, compassionate. Words I would use to describe Bonnie. She has been training me for over a year now and has made a substantial improvement in my quality of life and greatly reduced random body pains that I was once plagued with. She is a walking resource for nutrition and health information and has helped to keep me on the right path for healthier living. I used to work out fairly regularly myself, thinking that simply reading work-out information and using youtube videos would be enough to give me the kind of body composition changes i desired, I never thought i needed or wanted a trainer, I was so exceptionally wrong. I have and will continue recommending her to friends and family for as long as she chooses to share her knowledge and passion for health and nutrition with the world." - Patrick

"Anyone looking to accomplish their annual loose weight goal instead of it just being a goal every year?  I would highly recommend seeing Bonnie.  If you want to loose it she can make it happen. Bonnie is the real deal. Not only does she build a custom work out routine that works with your schedule and body type. She can also help you with your nutrition as well. Plus, she is a great motivator as the cherry on top. If you have the will to make a new you she will help you achieve that goal." - Anna

"I trained with Bonnie a couple years ago and lost 22 pounds and I'm so glad I'm able to train with her again! She knows my strengths and builds me up where I'm weak. She definitely knows her stuff and learns her clients well. I won't go to anyone else for training." - Michele

"Bonnie is one of the best trainers and nutritionists with whom I've worked. Not only does she know her information, but she practices what she preaches. She's been overweight so she understands what it takes to lose weight and get healthy, and what it takes to maintain that weight loss. I train with her online only (she's in TX and I'm in OK) and I have never felt slighted because I don't see her in person. She is dedicated to each of her clients and will give you the attention and personal coaching you deserve. I can't recommend her highly enough!" - Anne

"Bonnie is a great and knowledgeable trainer. She helped me not only on my physical changes but also on my psychological issues, when coming back from a bad post-partum depression. I moved out of Texas and working out with her is one of the things that I truly miss." - Marta

"Thankful for a person that knows their trade and truly cares about people. I was introduced to Bonnie through a close friend. Although I am not a client of her's, Bonnie still took the time to answer my questions and give me recommendations regarding my nutrition. I've seen tremendous results and have begun feeling "normal" again after applying what she recommended." - Nicholas

"I worked with Bonnie as an online nutrition client while I travel with a broadway tour - I had previously injured my metabolism with a long juice fast and gained about 70 lbs back in a year. She helped me to get my head on straight and led me through a reverse diet so I can eat food again, and also went out of her way to design custom workouts for me to use in my hotel rooms/gyms. So grateful for all of her help! Looking forward to long term change." - Christi

Client Reviews
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