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Is Your Trainer Fast, Cheap, and Easy??

If you are on Instagram, you have probably seen a LOT of things like this:

"Custom diet plan for $40! Message me to get yours, fast!"

"Workout plans that guarantee will get you RIPPED for only $100!"

Or my personal favorite...

"Only offering 100 custom plans at $200 each! That's a huge discount! DM me to claim yours before they're gone!"

Fast, Cheap, and Easy?

Okay, first things first, if someone is offering you anything "fast", "quick", or whatever you purchase gets sent to you within a few minutes of you paying--you just got SCAMMED.

Individual programs that are truly custom take a lot of questions and answers before any program can be developed for YOU, and then sent to you.

Second, while even the best trainers and coaches might offer discounts for some services, be very concerned if you are seeing super-cheap prices for some sort of personal training or nutrition program. These people tend to send cookie cutter programs to everyone that they Googled, copied, and called their own. They usually aren't certified or even remotely educated enough to help you achieve much, if anything.

Third, guarantees are bullshit. Yes, I said it. BULLSHIT. There is not a trainer or coach on this planet that can GUARANTEE you will see whatever results you are truly wanting to achieve. They can guarantee to give you their best efforts, best resources, most focused and research-based material.

In fact, I guarantee that I will provide for you the absolute best progressive fitness and nutrition programs I know how to create. But guarantees on results? That's not possible. In order to guarantee results, they would have to know your exact genetic make-up, any health conditions that aren't being medically treated and corrected, and they would have to be able to control your every move, as well as know how your body will respond to any changes made during the program. Not possible.

Like your momma said, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!"

What goes into a client's program?

Developing programs for each client takes a lot of time, thought, experience, creativity, and attention to detail.

I always begin any client program with a LOT of questions so that I know exactly what will best fit their needs and lifestyle. I want every client to see success with their efforts, so providing a customized plan for them is key.

For fitness clients, exercise selection is important. Some people have physical limitations that won't allow them to perform squats or lunges, so it is my job to find alternatives that are able to be performed. There are many other circumstances that must be taken into consideration, so this takes significant amounts of time to address.

For a nutrition client, I have to know even more information. Things like medical history or current conditions, current activity level or general workout routine, what the client is looking to achieve with their nutrition program, how much time they are willing to invest, and too many other factors to list here. So, you can see how much time must be spent when putting a client's nutrition plan together to make sure it's right for them!

The cost of coaching services also includes the constant communication available to a client. It takes this in order for a person to make progress and see changes properly.

You've Been WARNED!

If a trainer or coach is offering cheaper rates for their services, you might want to ask why beforehand. Most high-quality trainers and coaches will be willing to work with you on cost of services somehow if you truly want to work with them.

Now, sometimes a professional is starting out fresh and needs to gain clients, so they offer a cheaper rate for a short amount of time to get people engaged. That's perfectly fine, as long as they are fully credentialed professionals.

If someone claims to have tons of successful clients, shows a bunch of success story 'Before and After' shots of people, or gives over-the-top sounding qualifications and a super-cheap rate for services, you need to be asking a bunch of questions before you pay any amount of money.

If you ever have questions about a trainer or coach, and aren't sure if they are fully credentialed professionals, you can check with whatever certifying agency they are claiming as their education. If you still aren't sure, I am more than happy to help you figure it out before you spend money on someone who is potentially going to scam you.

Always here to help,



Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Hit me up via the 'CONTACT' tab up at the top of this page!

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