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My #1 Tip of All Time

There is one thing that every client I have ever had the pleasure of working with has heard from me when we talk about their goals.

It is easy.

It takes very little time.

It is something everyone can do, no matter what.

And best of's FREE!

Are you sitting with anticipation to find out what this amazing tip might be??

Well, it's called TRACKING.

Okay, anti-climactic, I know. But seriously, the only way to really know if you are on the right track to any goal is by being consistent in your tracking.

People who lose a significant amount of weight track some way: calories, macronutrients, simply keeping a food log, Weight Watchers Points, etc. So do people who are interested in improving their fitness in the gym--they track their workouts, usually. Also, think about medical records--most are very detailed with what you say, how medications are working/not working, your weight, blood pressure, test results, etc. Your doctor tracks your health, so there has to be some merit to it, right?

Keeping records is one of the best ways to see where you need to make small changes as you work toward your goals. It is also one of the best ways to stay accountable to yourself. It doesn't have to be overly detailed, unless you want it to be.

Personally, I have records of each and every workout I have executed with a client since day one. Not because I love to hoard and organize tons of paperwork, but because you always want to document what you are having a person do, just in case you need to refer to that documentation later on at any point. As a friend said the other day, 'I wrote everything down, and wouldn't sign something I wouldn't feel comfortable testifying in court against.' (Thanks Danielle!)

How To Track

There are tons of options when it comes to tracking your progress, so I will give a few suggestions, but feel free to search for others that might be of better assistance to you.

- Diet: Apps such as MyFitnessPal, MyMacros+, Fitlist work great, especially if you are busy. You can also go the good old paper and pen route. Get a small journal or notebook you can write everything down in, just to see exactly what you're putting in as fuel each day. While the handwriting method is easier to miscalculate with, it is still tracking!

- Workout: MyFitnessPal and MyWorkout+ are probably the two I'd choose if I used an app for tracking my workouts. Personally, I need to physically write it down. I have this old planner that was a zip-around 8-ring binder from years ago that I use every single day. I can change exercises on a whim, I can increase or decrease the amount of weight I am using depending on how I feel that day, plus taking that extra little bit of time to manually write down information keeps me accountable for a rest period between sets (and if you know me, you know I can hyper-focus like a beast in the gym, and push ahead to get things done no matter what. The only rest I get on days like that is a bad case of 'Resting Gym Face').

Side Note: (MyFitnessPal, MyMacros+, Fitlist, and MyWorkout+ are all available via the Apple App Store; MyFitnessPal and Fitlist are both also on the Google Play App Store)

- General Progress/Goal Setting: So, say you aren't setting goals that have anything to do with diet or fitness. You, my friend, can still track in some fashion. With anything, you can keep that journal I spoke of and make a monthly list of small steps you can do to get you closer to your end goal.

I have found that what helps me the most isn't an open journal, but something called the Vision Planner by Bloom Planners.

Photo courtesy Bloom Planners

What I love is how it begins your new year with big goal setting, then each month you reassess and set smaller monthly goals so you stay on track toward those big ones set in January. I found this gem of a planner last year, in fact, and just ordered the 2017 version a few weeks back. It's design is simple, it keeps you motivated with quotes each week, and it's functional for almost anyone.

Oh yeah--and it's affordable! (Side note: Most goal planners that are of any decent quality will cost you anywhere from $40-$80. No, not kidding.) They price theirs at $26-$28, depending on which kind of cover you choose. You can check out all they offer at

No, I am not pushing some product because I'm being paid to at all. I honestly just love how this planner has helped me set, reach, and blow my goals away this past year. It's that good.

So, in all, if you want to be successful, you have to track that progress people!! You can't wing it when it comes to achieving great things in life. Sure, some things will happen out of pure luck, but the things worth having? They take effort and guidance.

Now, let's get tracking!!



Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Hit me up via the 'CONTACT' tab up at the top of this page!

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